How to Disable the 2001 Camry Alarm

by Tim Anderson
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One of the many options included with the Toyota Camry that owners can choose from when they purchase their vehicle is the in-car alarm system. Like many other alarm systems on the market, the feature does allow for heightened security, but due to the obtrusive nature of the alarm it can also be a hassle in cases where you are working on the vehicle and do not want the alarm to trigger. Thankfully the Camry alarms come with a built-in kill switch that allows you to temporarily disable the alarm when you need to work on the vehicle.

Step 1

Enter the driver's side of the Toyota Camry and sit in the driver's seat. Reach down underneath the steering column on the left-hand side to locate what is known as the kill switch, or the valet switch. This is the only switch that is visible on the dashboard, and allows drivers to disable the vehicle's alarm system for repairs, as well as to deactivate the alarm in case it goes off accidentally, such as when you open the door to drive the vehicle.

Step 2

Press and hold the switch firmly while you turn the key in the ignition to the "On" position. Hold the switch until you see a light on the dashboard and hear a beep signifying that you have temporarily disabled the alarm, allowing you to work on the vehicle at your leisure. Avoid turning the engine on. Turn the ignition off after you have disabled the alarm.

Step 3

Reset the alarm by turning the ignition back to the "On" position and pressing the kill switch three times in rapid succession until you hear a chirp, indicating that the alarm is ready to be reset. Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on your wireless key transmitter simultaneously until you hear the alarm system give a long beep, and then turn the switch on and off again. Remove the key to finish resetting the alarm.

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