How to Use a Jackall Jack

by Frank Whittemore

The Jackall jack from Maasdam is a single-lever, ratchet jack with a lifting capacity of up to 4 tons. The jack consists of a vertical steel beam, perforated with holes set at specific intervals. The beam sits in a large and heavy metal foot that provides stability. Attached to the beam is a lifting mechanism with a ratchet that grabs onto the holes and rims of the beam and a lifting nose that fits under the item being lifted or lowered. Operating the handle moves the lifting mechanism up or down onto each hole in the steel beam.


Step 1

Verify that the item to be lifted will not shift or move when lifted by the jack. Place the jack close to the item to be lifted so the lifting nose is under the load as far as possible.

Step 2

Set the reversing lever on the lifting mechanism to "UP." Alternately, raise or lower the handle of the Jackall jack until the lifting nose meets the load. Verify that the lifting nose makes solid contact with the edge of the load.

Step 3

Grip the handle firmly with both hands and continue to raise and lower the handle. Press down until the lifting mechanism raises up and engages the next higher hole in the steel beam. Continue this process until the load is lifted to the desired height.

Step 4

Insert a steel bolt through the hole in the steel lifting beam just below the lifting mechanism, if the load will be left in the lifted position.


Step 1

Place the handle in the up position.

Step 2

Set the reversing lever to "DOWN," while grasping the handle firmly with the other hand. Maintain your grip on the handle while lowering.

Step 3

Lower and raise the handle, alternately, to lower the load. Watch that the load does not shift as you lower it.

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