Types of Windshield Damage that Are Not Repairable

by Jamie Poteat

A damaged windshield is a driving hazard, limiting the driver's field of vision. If you have a break, small chips of glass may fall out. If you have cracks, they can spread, and the damage may get worse. Not all damages to a windshield can be repaired.


A crack in a windshield is a single line that separates and can join other lines over time. Cracks will continue to spread due to temperature and weather conditions. Dirt and debris can also cause cracks to spread. Larger windshield cracks of more than 6 inches are not repairable. However, small cracks, especially near the edge of the windshield, can typically be repaired using a resin compound.

Bulls-eye Break

A bulls-eye break has dark circles at the point of impact. It can also have cracks that spread away from the point of contact. A bulls-eye break damages all layers of the windshield and is therefore not repairable.

Star Break

As its name implies, a star break in a windshield looks like a star. It might have circular cracks around the point of contact as well as cracks leading away from the area. Cracks in the break will get worse over time. This break pattern is also not repairable.

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