How to Turn Off the Anti-Theft System in a Nissan Maxima

by WayneC

The anti-theft system in a Nissan Maxima is designed to automatically go off if either your normal key or your Intelligent Key are not used on the car. If you trigger your Maxima's anti-theft system, there are a few ways to turn it off. These options include the use of either your normal car key or your Intelligent Key.

Unlock either the driver's door or the trunk lid with your regular key.

Press the "Unlock" button on your Intelligent Key.

Press the "Request" switch either on the driver's door or passenger's door with the Intelligent Key in close proximity to the door handle.


  • The alarm shuts itself off automatically after 50 seconds. However, if you do not shut it off with either your car's regular key or your Intelligent Key, the alarm goes off again if the car is further tampered with.

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