How to Troubleshoot a VW Jetta Remote

by Greyson Ferguson

The VW Jetta comes equipped with a switchblade-style remote. The switchblade has several buttons that control the locks and alarm. It also has a release mechanism that opens to reveal the car key. If you find your remote does not work properly, there are few things you can do to make sure it functions well.


Aim the Jetta remote at the car and press any button you like. If car does not respond, or it takes several attempts to get the desired result, replace the battery.


Push the key unlock button to release the key. If the key does not slide easily or if it appears stuck, inspect the area around the key and remove any debris.


Press the unlock button. If all of the doors do not unlock simultaneously, push the unlock button twice. This should unlock all of the doors at the same time.


Unlock the car before pressing the trunk button. If you open the trunk with the car locked, the alarm system activates. Press the unlock button to silence the car if the alarm sounds.


Always operate your remote within range of the car.

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