How to Troubleshoot a Buick Ignition When the Key Won't Turn

by Matthew Fortuna
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Ignition keys can get stuck in the ignition switch of your vehicle, which will prevent the driver from starting the car or truck. If your ignition key becomes stuck in the ignition of your Buick, the problem likely arises from one of several common and easy-to-remedy situations. Troubleshooting a Buick ignition when the key won't turn is a simple process that requires no special equipment or expertise. This job should take only a few minutes.

Step 1

Push your car's gear shifter into the "Park" position. If your car is not in "Park," you will not be able to engage the ignition.

Step 2

Turn the wheel hard to both the right and the left. If the wheels are stuck to one side, you will not be able to start the car as normal.

Step 3

Set the car's parking brake if you are on a hill or parked on a curb. If your wheels are in a prone position without the parking brake, the Buick may not allow you to start the car.

Step 4

Remove the panels around the ignition cylinder to be sure that there are not any extraneous objects preventing you from turning the key all the way to "On."

Insert a wire or a screwdriver into the ignition slot and check to see if there is anything preventing you from placing the key all the way down into the ignition.

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