How to Start a Lexus With No Key

by John Smith
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While most vehicles utilize a programmed key that you insert in the ignition cylinder to start the car engine, a few Lexus models rely on other technology to start the car. The driver keeps a wireless transmitter in his pocket which automatically communicates with the Lexus and lets the vehicle know an authorized driver has entered the car. From this point, you can use the push-start technology instead of a key to start the Lexus.

Step 1

Press your hand to the handle to open the Lexus door. Note that this will only work if you have the SmartAccess key card on you. Car sensors will detect the card once within a short range of the vehicle, and the doors will unlock once your hand gets close to the handle. If someone tries to force open the door without having the SmartAccess key card, the security alarm will go off and warn those within range.

Step 2

Make sure the car is in Park and press your foot down on the brake pedal. Wait for the ignition button to light up green. This security measure insures that the car is in a non-moving state. If you could start the car without pressing the brake pedal, you could potentially damage the ignition system by attempting to start the car while in gear.

Step 3

Press the ignition button to start the Lexus engine. The button works the same way as if you were inserting the key into the ignition as fuel is released into the combustion chamber and ignited. This process is all controlled by an electronic ignition module that activates once you press the ignition button.

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