How to Do a Brake Stand

by William McCoy
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A brake stand wastes gas, puts unnecessary wear on your tires and brakes and, in the long run, costs you money. But it can be a fun trick to do in your car, especially in front of friends. The rebellious kid in all of us loves a little noise and smoke for a few moments. However, only attempt a brake stand in an open area away from other vehicles and people.

Step 1

Turn off your car's traction control or stability control function if the vehicle is so equipped.

Step 2

Engage your car's sport transmission mode if the vehicle so so equipped. The majority of vehicles do not have different transmission settings, but some high-end vehicles do.

Step 3

Press the brake pedal to the floor of the car with your left foot and hold it there.

Step 4

Press the gas pedal to the floor with your right foot until the engine is revving between 4,000 and 5,000 revolutions per minute.

Step 5

Release the brake with your left foot. Your tires will spin and smoke before finally catching the pavement and propelling the car forward.

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