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How to Do a Brake Stand

by William McCoy

A brake stand wastes gas, puts unnecessary wear on your tires and brakes and, in the long run, costs you money. But it can be a fun trick to do in your car, especially in front of friends. The rebellious kid in all of us loves a little noise and smoke for a few moments. However, only attempt a brake stand in an open area away from other vehicles and people.

Turn off your car's traction control or stability control function if the vehicle is so equipped.

Engage your car's sport transmission mode if the vehicle so so equipped. The majority of vehicles do not have different transmission settings, but some high-end vehicles do.

Press the brake pedal to the floor of the car with your left foot and hold it there.

Press the gas pedal to the floor with your right foot until the engine is revving between 4,000 and 5,000 revolutions per minute.

Release the brake with your left foot. Your tires will spin and smoke before finally catching the pavement and propelling the car forward.


  • To make your tires smoke more, drive through a puddle or spray them with water before attempting the brake stand.


  • Because your car's back end can quickly jump from side to side once you release the brake, never do a brake stand when people are standing near your vehicle.
  • When revving your engine, be sure to keep the tachometer's needle under the red warning line.

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