How to Make Your Car Start When the Steering Wheel Is Stuck?

by Michael Scarn
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Most cars as of 2010 have a built-in steering wheel lock in the steering column. The lock was created to prevent auto thieves from being able to start the vehicle. A steering wheel lock is engaged when the car is turned off, the transmission is in park and the steering wheel is turned partially to the left or right by the driver. It is rather simple to engage the lock by accident, preventing the key in the ignition from turning to start the car. A few simple steps are required to remove the lock and start your car.

Step 1

Put the car into park if you have not already done so. If your car has a manual transmission, skip this step and go to Step 2.

Step 2

Push the car's brake pedal with your right foot and hold it there. Put your car's key in the ignition as if you are about to start it.

Step 3

Grip the steering wheel with your left hand and the ignition key with your right hand. While keeping your right foot on the brake, quickly turn the steering wheel left and right in short motions and turn the ignition key in an attempt to start the car. The turning of the steering wheel coupled with the turning of the ignition key will release the steering wheel lock.

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