How to Transfer a Pink Slip Through AAA

by Kenneth W. Michael Wills
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If you want to avoid the long lines at the DMV and are a member of AAA, you can transfer a pink slip, or now more commonly referred to as a car title, at most AAA auto club branches. The transfer is exactly the same as if your went to the DMV directly.

Step 1

Get a notarized lien release from any lien holders on the title. This applies even if you paid off the vehicle; if the lien holder is listed on the title, you will need the lien release.

Step 2

Fill out the title according to your state DMV laws. Make sure you fill out the information correctly, using correct spelling of names and recording an accurate odometer reading. If you make a mistake, you will void the title. If you are unsure how to fill out the title correctly according to your state DMV requirements, your AAA branch will assist you. All registered owners must sign off on the title to make the transfer valid.

Step 3

Go to a local AAA auto club in person to complete the transfer. Make sure you bring your lien release, the car title, proof of any required state inspections on your vehicle and your driver's license. Present the paperwork to the AAA representative.

Step 4

Pay all required fees and sales tax for the transfer. Fees to do a transfer will vary by state, all well as the sales tax levied. You should have the buyer with you when transferring the title to take care of all applicable sales taxes.

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