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How to Transfer a Jeep Warranty

by Patrick Warren

Jeep vehicles come standard with several warranties, which vary based on the model year. These warranties cover all components of the vehicle for a limited period, and certain main components, like the engine and transmission, for longer periods. These warranties are based on the miles driven or the time since the vehicle was originally purchased. Extended warranties are available from Jeep that extend the miles and time period for these warranties. The standard warranties, except for the powertrain warranty, that come with the Jeep are transferred automatically to a new owner of the vehicle. Extended warranties must be transferred to the new owner to stay in effect.

Original Powertrain Warranty

Contact a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep dealership and ask to start the process to transfer a powertrain warranty. This is initiated by the new owner of the vehicle, not the seller or original owner.

Fill out the Transfer of Coverage Application provided by the dealer. Complete all information asked for. Return this to the dealership representative who's assisting in the transfer process.

Pay the $150 fee to the dealership. The dealership will process the transfer.

Extended Warranty

Read the provisions of your extended warranty contract, called the Chrysler Service Contract, to determine the transfer fee for your state. The contract will also indicate if there are any parts of the warranty that can't be transferred. Some transfer limitations do exist, but these vary by state.

Contact a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep dealership to ask for a warranty-transfer form if one is not available in the plan documentation. This process is started by the owner of the extended warranty, usually the original owner of the vehicle.

Fill out the application. Include the new owner's name and contact information. Be sure to sign the document.

Turn the completed transfer form in at a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep dealership and pay the transfer fee. If unable to visit a dealership, mail the form, along with payment to:

Chrysler Service Contracts

Transfer Department

P.O. Box 2700

Troy, MI 48007-2700


  • A powertrain warranty transfer must be initiated within 30 days of buying the vehicle. An extended-warranty transfer must be initiated within 60 days of selling the vehicle. After those periods, the warranties are no longer transferable.

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