How to Transfer a Car Title in Arizona

by Kristin Swain

Car titles are transferred when a car is purchased or given to someone other than the original owner of the car. Transferring the title allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep track of the car's ownership. It also notes who is legally responsible for the vehicle. Car title transfers in the state of Arizona must be completed within 10 days of transfering ownership of the car.

Transfer Ownership

Sell or give away the car. If you sell the car yourself, type up or use at least a generic sales agreement as proof of the sale to provide to the loan company, DMV and your insurance company.

Contact the loan company or sign over the title of the car. If you have the title of the car, sign it over to the new owner in the space provided. If you do not, call your loan company and inform them of the sale of the vehicle, providing contact information for the new owner.

Pay off the outstanding balance due on the car loan. If you sell or trade the car to a dealership they will take care of this step. Otherwise you are responsible for paying off the lien, obtaining the title to the car and giving it to the new owner.

Inform the Department of Motor Vehicles. After a car is sold in Arizona the previous owner has 10 days from the date of the sale to inform the DMV of the transfer of ownership and complete a title transfer application. The new owner is responsible for renewing the car registration after the 10-day period.

Call your insurance company. Notify your insurance company within two weeks of the sale of the car. This removes you from any liability concerning the car.


  • check Keep copies of all correspondence concerning the sale of the car.
  • check Make copies of the signed title for your records.
  • check Have the car title and bill of sale notarized

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