Trailblazer LT Air Condition Problems

by Horacio Garcia

The Chevrolet Trailblazer LT is a light-duty SUV that took the place of the older Blazer. Several technical service bulletins are published from the manufacturer concerning air-conditioning (AC) problems in the vehicle. The 2005 Trailblazer has the most TSB's published concerning this problem. The air-conditioning has no recalls issued for any consumer complaints or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

No Cold Air

A TSB published on the Trailblazer LT states the air-conditioning blows warm air through the vents. The freon level and compressor act normally, but no cold air comes into the cab of the Trailblazer. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning control module causes this problem. A reset program fixes the problem. A Trailblazer owner must take the SUV to a certified technician for this reset correction.


A electrical wiring problem in the Trailblazer LT causes the air-conditioning controller not to operate. The blower motor is also affected by the same electrical problem. The wiring connections under the dash of the Trailblazer corrodes, loosens or breaks for no apparent reason. A TSB published on the Trailblazer states the only correction for this AC problem is rewiring the dash or replacing the connections.

Blower Fan

Complaints about the blower fan failing and not blowing cold air through the vents is a prominent complaint on Carcomplaints website. Consumers state the buttons or controls do not work on all settings and noise comes through the ventilation system. A TSB published records these complaints and announces a problem with the bearing on the fan. Replacing the fan bearing is the only cure for this air-conditioning problem on the Trailblazer.


The timing belt or serpentine belt on the Trailblazer LT damages the compressor. A belt runs throughout many of the components parts of the engine, including the air-conditioning compressor. Reports show the serpentine belt stretching under normal driving conditions. Stretching of the serpentine belt does not turn the air-conditioning compressor preventing air from blowing through the ventilation system. The serpentine belt requires replacement once the problem occurs.

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