Chevy Equinox Heater Problems

by Edmund Gary
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The Chevrolet Equinox was introduced to the public in 2005. The most frequent complaint about the 2006 Equinox is the climate control unit is not reliable. According to owners who posted their complaints on, the heater will not warm the interior or defrost the windshield.

Air Temperature Door

The lack of heat is caused by the air temperature blend door failing to operate. The blend door allows air to flow past the heater core. The air temperature door has a plastic arm which is connected to an electric motor. After a few years, the arm will break. reports that dealers replace the plastic arm with a metal arm.


Replacing the air temperature blend door involves disassembling the instrument panel. The repair also involves the disassembling of the center console. reports that 57,536 is the average mileage which the problems occur. The repair cost is $697.

Emerging Lawsuit

Applications for an emerging class-action lawsuit have filed on SueEasy uses a web-based filing system to initiate a class-action lawsuit. The lead plaintiff reports that the air temperature door of her Equinox failed when the vehicle reached 72,000 miles.

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