How to Remove an XL-7 Lock Actuator

by Allen Moore

The Suzuki XL-7 has a door lock actuator in each door. The job of the actuator is to provide the kinetic power necessary to lock or unlock the door latch. When the XL-7's lock button is depressed it closes the lock circuit, energizing the lock actuator. Once the actuator energizes, it moves an internal piston that protrudes from the head of the actuator in response to the direction you pushed the lock button. The actuator piston then moves the latch rod to lock or unlock the door. Lock actuators are not serviceable, so if the actuator in your XL-7 fails, you'll need to remove it for replacement.

Step 1

Push the window button to close the window on the door in question. Extract the XL-7's lock and window buttons from the door panel using a trim tool. Unhook each switch from the Suzuki's door harness manually.

Step 2

Remove the hex-head door panel screws using the socket set. Lift he panel up and off the door by hand.

Step 3

Unhook the door lock actuator wiring pigtail from the body of the actuator by hand. Unbolt the actuator from the inside of the XL-7's door using a socket set. Rotate the head of the actuator to disengage it from the latch rod.

Step 4

Remove the actuator from the XL-7's door by hand.

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