How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Pontiac Bonneville

by Editorial Team

Take a shot at trying to troubleshoot air conditioning problems in your Pontiac Bonneville before making a costly and time-consuming trip to the dealer or a mechanic. Sometimes air conditioning problems in an automobile can be an easy fix, even for those of us who know nothing about cars.

Step 1

Start the car and turn the air conditioning on. Allow the engine to run a few minutes so the air can cool. Check to make sure you have the proper buttons selected. This simple step may uncover the root of the problem.

Step 2

Adjust the climate controls. If they seem to work fine but have effect on the air, then the problem is probably a simple blown fuse. If the controls do not work correctly, then the problem is probably with the control panel. If you cannot hear the sound that accompanies turning the air from low to high, then the problem is likely with the blower motor.

Step 3

Change a fuse easily to fix the problem. The interior fuse box in a Pontiac Bonneville is underneath the backseat on the driver's side. Remove a blown fuse with the fuse remover found inside the fuse panel. The air conditioning relay fuse is in position number 32.

Step 4

Get to the control module in a Pontiac Bonneville by first draining the coolant. Remove the evaporator hose nut, remove the evaporator hose from the evaporator, remove and discard the sealing washers from the evaporator hose, remove the heater hoses from the heater core.

Step 5

Plug the heater core and evaporator openings to prevent leaking into the vehicle when removing the HVAC module. Pinch off the hoses in order to prevent leaking. Remove the instrument panel assembly. Remove the defroster duct retaining screws. Remove the defroster duct nut, the defroster duct, and the air distributor duct. Next, disconnect the blower control module connector and the electrical connector. Remove the retaining nuts and finally the control module.

Step 6

Remove the right side sound insulator in the passenger compartment to get to the blower motor. Disconnect the electrical connector from the blower motor and the blower ventilation tube from the module. Remove the blower motor screws and pull it out.

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