How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Mitsubishi Eclipse

by Editorial Team

Avoid a trip to the mechanic by trying to troubleshoot air conditioning problems yourself in your Mitsubishi Eclipse. Air conditioning problems can often be quite simple to diagnose and even fix. Take a few easy steps to try and determine the cause of the air conditioning problems.

Step 1

Start the engine of the car and adjust the climate controls. If the climate controls do not feel right, then the problem is probably in the control panel. If the controls feel fine, but have no effect on the air then it is probably a blown fuse. If you cannot hear the accompanying blowing sound when the air is turned from low to high, then the problem is in the blower motor.

Step 2

Find the fuse box in a Mitsubishi Eclipse by opening the drivers side door and prying off the trim panel to the left of the steering wheel. Replace the blown fuse with one of equal amperage to avoid causing problems in the electrical system.

Step 3

Check the control panel next in your Mitsubishi Eclipse. If the air conditioning controls are not working at all, then the control panel is likely to blame. Disconnect the negative battery cable first. Remove the trim panel surrounding the CD player. Unscrew the retaining screws and then remove the control panel.

Step 4

Remove the blower motor if it is not properly working. First disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the glove box. Find the blower motor behind the glove box, remove the retaining clips and remove the blower fan and motor together.

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