Arctic Cat Prowler Problems

by Andrea Krochalis
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The Arctic Cat Prowler is a UTV, an all terrain (utility) vehicle generally used off road. Reviewing user forums online suggests that many people are happy with the power and unhappy with the reliability of this vehicle. Ratings and comments differ of course, but some themes may be noted.


Many users of the prowler report loose roll cage bolts on early trips. Other complaints include problems with the front axle and tie rod. Hunters have complained about loud brakes in the rear scaring away their game. Some users reported problems restarting vehicles after they were in use and odors from belt slippage.


The Consumer Affairs website reports a recall for faulty rear brakes in 2005 models. The affected VIN numbers are 4UF06MPV06T300001 through 4UF06MPV86T300781. The brakes can fail due to separation of the brake pad from the caliper or improper flex in the pedal. The report states that Arctic Cat is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Arctic Cat recalled Model Year 2008 50cc and 90cc Youth Model ATVs for problems with the idle and speed control.


Arctic Cat owners who use their vehicles for pulling and hauling have generally reported that they are pleased. Farm and ranch based users are satisfied with the power in the vehicle. The ground clearance and wider suspension on newer models is also a positive for these users.

High Maintenance

Arctic Cat riders report that frequent maintenance is essential to smooth operation. This is particularly true of intake and exhaust valve clearance settings. Forum participants report servicing their Prowlers on a monthly basis. Several riders also add after market parts to ensure better performance and do much of their own routine maintenance work.


Forum participants state that knowing your dealer is important. They suggest buying from a dealer who knows the ATV and UTV maintenance field well. Most recommend direct contact with the Arctic Cat company early in problem resolution.

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