How to Tell What Size of Chevrolet Engine You Have

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Chevrolet is a division of General Motors Corporation. Chevrolet sells cars, trucks and SUVS. Chevy engines are no different than other General Motors engines; the company uses many of the same engines in its different brands of cars. You can determine what size your engine is by looking at the engine bay for the label.

Turn the engine off and open the hood.

Examine the engine bay. Look for any markings indicating the size of your Chevrolet engine. Modern engine sizes are normally indicated in liters. A common Chevrolet engine size is "3.5L," which indicates 3.5 liters (a V-6).

Remove the plastic engine cover if you do not see any markings. Look below the plastic cover to find the engine size.

Count the number of spark plugs to determine how many cylinders are in your engine. Chevrolet currently makes four-cylinder engines, V6 engines, V8 engines and an inline six-cylinder engine (I6).


  • check Common Chevrolet engine sizes include: 1.6L (four-cylinder), 2.2L (four-cylinder), 2.4L (four-cylinder), 3.1L (V6), 3.4L (V6), 3.5L (V6), 3.8L (V6), 3.9L (V6), 4.2L (I6), 4.3L (V6), 4.8L (V8), 5.3L (V8), 5.7L (V8), 6.0L (V8) and 6.2L (V8). Contact your dealer if you still have trouble. Provide them with your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and they can determine which engine your Chevrolet runs.

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