How to Register a Vehicle in a Company Name in Florida

by Amanda Maddox

To register a vehicle in a company name in Florida, you must pay the required fee that covers your tag, taxes, registration certificate and validation decal. You have 10 days after the purchasing the vehicle or becoming a resident of the state to register it, according to Florida State law. Proof of insurance, along with the original title of the vehicle, is required for registration. Additionally, you must pay the tax, title and tag fee when registering a company vehicle.

Step 1

Obtain a copy of the bill of sale for the vehicle. Also, have the original title for the vehicle available. The state of Florida requests a bill of sale to list the buyer's and seller's names, date of purchase, price of the vehicle and the vehicle's description. Have the seller list the company name as the buyer on the bill of sale.

Step 2

Get the insurance required by Florida state law on the vehicle. The minim amount of insurance you must carry on your vehicle in Florida is $50,000 for liability of property damage and personal injury protection for $125,000 with $250,000 per occurance according to the Florida Department of Safety and Highway Vehicles website. However, company vehicles are generally covered under a commercial policy and have higher liability limits, such as $500,000.

Step 3

Find the Florida State Department of Motor Vehicle office that is local to your company. Use the link provided in the Resource section. Click on the county where your company is located to find the local DMV office. Perhaps your company is located in Calhoun County. Therefore, you go to the Blountstown office to register your company vehicle.

Step 4

Take the bill of sale, proof of insurance and original title to the DMV office. Also, bring a copy of your company's business license and personal identification. For instance, use a Florida ID card or driver's license ad proof of identification.

Step 5

Provide the clerk with the documents and request to register your company vehicle. Provide the details regarding your vehicle and tell her to rate it commercial. Pay the registration fee--based on the vehicle's weight--to register the vehicle in your company's name.

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