Specifications of EZ-GO Golf Carts

by Brianna Collins
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E-Z-GO, a subsidiary of Textron Company, specializes in industrial vehicles and golf carts. While E-Z-GO features traditional models, it also has carts that reinvent the purpose and style of standard golf carts. This includes models that are street-legal to models that offer refreshments on the green.


E-Z-GO produces two standard golf carts, called the TXT and the RXV. Designed to be part of a small fleet that a course or country club might have, both carts come with standard features. These include a two-person seating capacity, Durashield Epoxy coating, and rugged tires for course-riding. The TXT features a 3 horsepower Shunt Wound motor that can travel 10-14.8 miles per hour. The RXV comes in both electric and gas-powered models with 48 volt batteries and 4.4 horsepower. The RXV can travel between 10 and 15 miles per hour.


As retirement communities become more popular, so does the prevalence of using golf carts as a means of transportation. E-Z-GO offers models for personal use that are street legal and also may be used on golf courses. Both the TXT and the RXV models have a street-legal counterpart, known as the "TXT Freedom" and "RXV Freedom." These come equipped with all of the same features as the standard models, and also come with headlights, taillights, a horn and brake lights. There is also another street legal cart called the E-Z GO 2Five. Capable of attaining speeds of 25 miles per hour, this cart may be used safely on roads with a posted speed limit of 35. It also has turning signals, four-wheel hydrolic-disk brakes, seat belts, a glass windshield and mirrors.


E-Z-GO has even designed golf meant to serve as a means for mobile refreshments. The standard food and beverage model is the MPT 2000 Refresher. Capable of holding 887 cans or 400 bottles, it can also be equipped with a food warmer, a cash register, or even a humidor to keep cigars in optimum condition. Like the street-legal carts, it comes automatically equipped with headlights, rearview mirror and windshield. Other street-legal additions include taillights and turning signals, which can be added for an additional cost.

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