2003 Club Car Specifications

by Brooke Ashley
golf cart image by robert mobley from Fotolia.com

In 2003, Club Car Inc. offered two models of recreational use golf carts. The battery-powered electric model and gasoline-powered model both featured aluminum framing to prevent rust, as well as canopy tops and ample seating for two passengers. Aftermarket buyers often find specialized features such as the addition of rear seats and exterior color modifications.


2003 Club Cars are often modified to include rear passenger seating.

The battery-charged 2003 Club Car operated on 48 volts and 17 amps of electric power. This model featured 3.1 or 3.2 maximum horsepower at 2,400 rpm. The gasoline-powered model included a factory installed Kawasaki four-cycle, single-cylinder engine. Maximum horsepower of nine could be reached and the fuel capacity was 7 gallons. Both models featured self-adjusting rear drum brakes and leaf springs with dual hydraulic shocks.


One color scheme of the 2003 Club Car included green with beige trim and canopy top.

The electric 2003 model featured a low battery light indicator and gauge, whereas the gasoline model featured a low fuel indicator. Interior color was factory installed beige vinyl. Interior features included cup holders, covered protection from the elements and ample leg room. The steering wheel featured helical rack-and-pinion construction.


A rack-and-pinion steering system was featured on the 2003 Club Cars.

The aluminum, ladder-style framing of the 2003 Club Car Models ensured rust prevention. Exterior features included premium thread tires, a fold-down windshield, headlights and taillights and a molded-on exterior finish. Exterior finishes included beige or beige with green trim. Length of both models was 91.5 inches, height was 68.5 inches and width was 47.25 inches. Space located in the rear of the golf cart allowed owners to safely store their golf bags and other possessions.

Recall Information

Accelerator petals in the 2003 Club Cars were replaced free of charge.

The 2003 Club Car Models were recalled in 2005 because of faulty accelerator pedals. Replacement pedals were offered and installed free of charge at authorized Club Car dealerships to remedy this issue.


2003 Club Cars are often modified to increase storage space and performance.

Club Cars originally were listed for more than $7,000 in 2003. Today, 2003 models in excellent condition are priced used from $2,000 to $3,000. These models are often refurbished or modified with features to enhance performance and comfort.

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