1998 Polaris Indy 500 Specifications

by Rob Kemmett
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In 1998, Polaris Industries continued its tradition of producing best-selling snowmobiles by releasing the Polaris Indy 500. The ’98 Polaris Indy 500 is the next generation model of another popular Polaris snowmobile line, the Classic, which is a touring snowmobile that allows you to cover long distances while giving you both comfort and stability.


Three colors were originally available – black (the standard factory color), white and a two-tone blue spruce that faded into a bright metallic sapphire. The two-tone colored model and the white model were given a mid-height windshield and a slightly longer seat than the standard black model.


All ’98 Indy 500s were factory installed with the Polaris 488cc liquid-cooled twin engine, which was equipped with two 38-millimeter carburetors and a capacitor discharge (CD) ignition system. A P-85 drive clutch with a .75” wide drive chain powered the track, which is the equivalent of a snowmobile’s tire.


The ’98 Indy 500 was equipped with a Lightning track that was wrapped around XTRA-10 front and rear suspensions. The rear suspension system offered 10.2 inches of travel and was equipped with an adjustable Indy Shock absorber. The front suspension offered 9.5 inches of travel and was equipped with nitrogen cell shocks, a torsion bar and controlled roll center (CRC) steering package. The CRC steering package reduces scrub (lateral movement of the snowmobile skis) and bump (lateral movement of the skis through the suspension). Disc brakes were equipped on all Indy 500 models.


An 11.8 gallon gas tank was standard on all Indy 500 models. Extra features include E-Z steer ski carbides to enhance handling, hand warmers, handlebar thumb warmers, a speedometer (with a trip meter), a tachometer and halogen headlights.

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