Club Car DS Specifications

by Alex Burke
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Club Car makes a number of utility, golf and commercial transport vehicles that are familiar to anyone connected to the manufacturing, recreational or industrial markets. The DS Player is a golf cart manufactured by Club Car, and used by both homeowners and golf course operators who need a quick, elegant way to maneuver from one side of a property to another. The DS Player can be purchased with a gas engine or an electric power source.

Dry Weight

Dry weight is a measurement that does not include passengers, cargo or consumables (liquids), and only includes the weight of the frame and other physical mechanisms and items within the frame. The Club Car DS has been weighed without the battery. The electric-powered DS has a dry weight of 498 pounds, while the gas-powered DS weighs in at 619 pounds.

Speed Range

The speed range of the electric-powered DS and the gas-powered DS varies slightly. The electric version allows for seven speed settings that allow for speeds up to 19 mph. The gas-powered model travels in the range of 12 to 15 mph. The electric model also allows for two braking speeds, mild and aggressive, and tracks its speed range at 0.1 mph increments. Both styles of cart use a self-adjusting rear mechanical brake, with self-adjusted rack and pinion steering capability, and a multi-lock, foot-operated parking brake.

Engine, Horsepower, Battery

Club Car has installed a 286 cc, single-cylinder, overhead valve, pressure-lubricated and air-cooled engine on its gas-model DS Player. The horsepower for the gas model is 9.5 at 3,600 rotations per minute. Club Car notes, in its specifications, that the horsepower range for the gas model is above the standards of SAE J1940 performance requirements.

The electric powered model provides 3.2 horsepower and, of course, has no engine because it is run on battery power. The battery this model operates on is a combined set of 6, 8-volt batteries that are charged through an on-board computer and a 48-volt variable charger. The gas powered model uses a single 12-volt battery.


Specifications for frame and overall dimensions are the same, regardless of model. The frame chassis is an all aluminum I-beam style. Overall height is 69 inches, with a width of 47.25 inches and a length of 91.5 inches. Ground clearance for both models is 4.5 inches. Exterior colors are limited to white, beige and green, with the choice of white or beige for the canopy.

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