Difference Between a Honda Odyssey, EX & LX

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The Odyssey is a minivan manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda. The Odyssey was first introduced in North America in 1995, and Honda has created four generations of it. The first generation was from 1995 to 1998 and had two trim levels, the LX and EX. The second generation was from 1999 to 2004, the third generation was from 2005 to 2009, and in 2010, Honda released the fourth generation.


The Honda Odyssey LX and EX trim models come with a 3.5-liter, V6 engine, with an automatic transmission and front wheel drive. Each has an average 5-year maintenance cost of $2,443. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Odyssey its highest safety rating of five, in front and side impact crash tests.

Comfort and Convenience Options

Both models come standard with power windows, power door locks, cruise control, tilt steering column, cargo lights and rear outlet. The EX model, however, comes with four convenience options not available with the LX model. The features are dual-zone climate control, automatic climate control and exterior temperature gauge. In addition, it has the homelink remote system, which is a universal garage door opener.


The LX trim model only has seating for seven people, while the EX has seating for eight passengers. The EX comes standard with a power driver seat, which adjust eight ways and has an adjustable manual lumbar support.


The Odyssey LX comes standard with AM/FM radio with CD player. It also has four speakers with the option for satellite radio. The EX has six speakers, and the CD player is a 6-disc changer. The stereo is an anti-theft stereo, which in not available with the LX model. Finally, wireless audio devices come standard with the EX model.


The EX trim has exterior features not included with the LX like power sliding side doors, heated exterior mirrors, automatic headlights and auto-off headlights. Fog lights are considered an upgrade on the EX and are an option available for the LX. Lastly, alloy wheels are standard on the EX model.


The LX is the base trim model with the Honda Odyssey, and the MSRP on it is $26,805. The EX model starts at $29,905, a little more than $3,000 over the base model. The Automotive Lease Guide states that after 36 months the LX model has 47 percent of its residual value while the EX value is 48 percent. At 60 months the value is 32 percent for the LX and 33 percent for the EX model.

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