Difference Between Toyota Ascent & Conquest

by Stephanie Gaughen

Introduced in 1968, the Toyota Corolla serves as one of the best-selling cars of all time, according to Edmunds Inc. Small, inexpensive and fuel efficient, its simple design and features cater to buyers who want a reliable yet economical vehicle. The Ascent and Conquest are two of four Corolla specifications sold only in Australia. Each option includes a hatchback or sedan version, and are available with four-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual transmission.

Instrument and Controls

The cruise control feature is the primary difference included on the instrument and control panel of each vehicle. The feature comes standard on the Conquest, but is a factory add-on option on the Ascent model. The steering wheel on the Ascent is composed of a plastic and urethane composite, while the steering wheel of the Conquest is steel with a soft rubber outer layer.

Tires and Rims

The tires and rims of the Conquest and Ascent models are one of the vehicles' primary differences. At 205 mm, the Conquest hatchback tires, for example, are wider than the 195 mm tires on the Ascent. The larger tires and rims of the Conquest allow it to carry a larger load than the Ascent. Also, the Conquest tires are given a "V" rating, while the Ascent tires feature an "H" rating. The ratings correlate to the maximum speed of the vehicle, which is 149 mph on the Conquest and 130 mph on the Ascent. The rims of the Conquest are made of steel alloy, while the Ascent rims are steel only.


Nearly all of the safety features of each model are identical. However, front and rear side curtain airbags are a post-manufacturing add-on option to the Ascent hatchback model. Front airbags also can be added to the Ascent sedan model. Both options are standard on the Conquest.

Sound System

The Conquest features a remote audio control mounted on the steering wheel. The sound system on the Ascent hatchback, however, is only adjustable by the dash-mounted audio control. The feature is an add-on option to the Ascent sedan model.

Interior Trim and Seating

The Conquest model boasts luxury trim and premium trim on gear knobs and other interior features. Both models feature a folding rear seat back, adjustable seats and head restraints.

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