Honda 400 Ex Specs

by James Rutter
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From 1999 to 2009, Japan-based Honda Motors manufactured the Sportrax 400EX all-terrain-vehicle (ATV). This mid-level quad-runner replaced Honda’s previous, and popular, 250R. During the final year of its production, Honda retailed the 400EX for $5,999. In 2004, Honda released the TRX450R, which used a slightly larger engine, and achieved greater critical acclaim. Honda replaced the 400EX in 2009 with the TRX400X.


Honda outfitted the 400EX with its 397cc displacement single-cylinder, four-stroke RFVC (radial, four-valve combustion) engine. This engine used air-cooling, dry sump lubrication and a 35.5 mm Keihin carburetor. The 400EX featured an electronic CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) and electric starter. Each 400EX transferred power to the rear axle via a chain driven five-speed manual transmission. This transmission also included a reverse gear.


The 400EX spanned a length of 72.2 inches, with a wheelbase of 48.4 inches and an overall width of 45.3 inches. The seat sat 31.9 inches above the ground, and at its lowest point, the steel tube chassis had a ground clearance of 4.3 inches. The 400EX could hold a driver and a passenger. It had a curb weight of 410 pounds when the 2.6 gallon fuel tank was full.


The 400EX came equipped with a pair of 30 watt front headlights that the rider could toggle between low and high beam. Honda also installed a rear taillight. Each 400EX’s front suspension consisted of an independent double-wishbone configuration outfitted with Showa shocks capable of 8.2 inches of travel. The rear suspension utilized an adjustable Pro-Link configuration and a single Showa shock that could travel 9.1 inches. The 400EX’s front wheels used size 22 by 7-10 knobby radial tires and 174 mm dual disc brakes. Honda fitted the rear wheels with size 20 by 10-9 knobby radial tires and 220 mm single disc brakes. During the 400EX’s production run, Honda offered it in a number of color configurations, including black/white, red/black, all red and red/yellow.

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