Differences Between LX and EX for Honda Pilots

by Brenton Shields
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The Honda Pilot is Honda's small SUV that has been available for several years. These cars come in a variety of models, also known as trim levels, as most car models do. Honda uses two trim levels with a variety of their cars: LX and EX. These two options are available with the Honda Pilot and mean virtually nothing in terms of engine performance, as both models come with 250-horsepower V6 engines. The only differences between the LX and EX are minor external measurements that only serve to change the aesthetic appeals of the two trim levels.


The LX trim level uses steel wheels as its standard, while the EX uses alloy wheels as its standard. Both wheel types are 17 inches standard.

Height and Weight

The EX is approximately 1.7 inches taller than the LX at 72.7 inches. The EX is a few pounds lighter than the LX, with the 2WD EX weighing in at 4,310 pounds compared to 4,319 pounds for the 2WD LX. The 4WD EX weighs in at 4,504 pounds compared to 4,506 pounds for the 4WD LX..

Exterior Features

the EX-L, the elite trim level of the EX, comes standard with a power moonroof, whereas the LX does not. The 4WD EX comes with heated mirrors, whereas both the 2WD and 4WD LX come with only standard mirrors. The EX comes with roof rails, which are good for packing up canoes or bikes, fog lights and chrome exhaust tips, all of which the LX lacks.

Interior Features

The LX comes with a standard air conditioning system, while the EX comes standard with an advanced "tri-zone" climate control, which also adjusts humidity and filters air. The EX-L is available with optional DVD players in the rear seats as well as a Bluetooth link and leather-wrapped steering wheel, none of which are available on the LX. The EX-L also comes with heated front seats and leather trim. The LX comes standard with only cloth seats.The EX comes with a standard six-disc CD player and XM radio, while the LX comes with only a single-disc CD player and standard FM radio.

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