Different Models of the Smart Car

by Gregory Crews

The Smart car comes in five different models based on the Smart fortwo body style. Smart cars come standard with a five-speed automated manual transmission (meaning there is no clutch actuation and shifting is controlled electronically; the transmission can be switched from manual shifting to automatic shifting) and a 1.0 liter, 70 horsepower engine. The Smart car also comes equipped with many safety features that make this small car comparable with other cars in its class, including a "tridion" safety cell with solid steel reinforcements, advanced traction control and anti-lock brakes.

Fortwo Coupe

The Smart fortwo coupe is the base model for Smart cars. The Smart fortwo coupe also provides a traction control feature known as ESP that controls engine throttle and speed when the sensor detects a skid or swerve. As indicated, the car is built in a "tridion" safety cell. This is a steel safety cage reinforced with high-strength steel to help protect the passengers. The Smart fortwo coupe starts at $11,990 in 2009.

Passion Coupe

The passion coupe is the next step up in the Smart line. The passion coupe adds a panoramic roof with an included sunscreen. The three-spoke leather steering wheel includes a paddle shifter. This shifter is for operating the manual function in the automated manual transmission. The wheels are upgraded on the passion coupe with 15", 9-spoke alloy wheels. The passion coupe also includes an AM/FM CD radio with an auxiliary jack (offered on the Smart fortwo as optional equipment). The passion coupe starts at $13,990.

Passion Cabriolet

The passion cabriolet comes equipped with a fully electronic convertible top and a heated glass rear window that can be adjusted at any speed to any position. This vehicle also includes a premium sound system, including an mp3 compatible six-disc CD changer with an auxiliary jack. This car offers the full cabriolet experience with removable side bars than can be placed in a compartment in the tailgate. The passion cabriolet starts at $16,990 in 2009.


The BRABUS coupe is a performance-minded car that has been lowered by 10 millimeters and has a sports suspension. This model also features a sportier body style with front and side skirts and a sporty exhaust system. The tires are larger than the base model to improve performance. A panoramic roof comes standard with the BRABUS and the interior also features brushed aluminum pedals and BRABUS floor mats. The BRABUS coupe has a price tag starting at $17,990.

BRABUS Cabriolet

The BRABUS cabriolet is the premier Smart car, with a convertible top and removable side rails to make this car a true cabriolet. The cabriolet comes with the same features as the BRABUS coupe, and both are also available with BRABUS velour floor mats and the BRABUS logo imprinted on the front, rear and fuel filler door. The Cabriolet starts at $20,990 in 2009.

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