1990 Ford F150 Lariat XLT Specifications

by Dan Howard
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In 1990, Ford released the Lariat XLT version of its popular F150 line of trucks. The Lariat XLT is a high-powered, large-sized truck that is specially designed for hauling large loads. The average market price in the United States for a 1990 Ford F150 Lariat XLT is $1,106, as of September 2010.


The 1990 Lariat XLT is powered by an inline six cylinder, 4.9 liter, 145 horsepower engine. The Lariat comes standard with rear wheel drive and a 5-speed manual transmission. It can achieve maximum horsepower of 3400 rpm and maximum torque of 2000 rpm. This high level of torque helps the Lariat achieve its impressive towing capacity, which rates up to 7,500 pounds.


The 1990 Lariat's fuel tank can hold up to 18.2 gallons of standard gasoline. It is rated for up 18 mpg in highway driving conditions and 16 mpg in city. You can expect a maximum range of about 327 miles when driving your 1990 Ford F150 Lariat on the highway.


The Lariat XLT has seating for two in the front seat and one in a short back seat. The vehicle measures 210 inches by 79 inches on the exterior and is approximately 70 inches tall. The wheel base is 133 inches.


The 1990 F-150 Lariat XLT has no airbags to speak of and no available stability control or traction control systems. The Lariat does come equipped with two-wheel anti-lock brakes. No crash test information is available for this Ford model.


The Lariat's standard features include tilt steering, air conditioning, cruise control, power steering, tinted glass and 15 inch wheels. Optional features include power door locks, alloy wheels and a cassette player.

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