Silverado Door Lock Problems

by WilliamHanz

The Chevrolet Silverado is a reliable pickup truck put on the market by American manufacturer Chevrolet. Since its debut in 1998, the Silverado has been recognized for its durability, as well as flexibility, serving as both a personal automobile and as a multi-purpose vehicle used for carrying heavy cargo. Despite its reliability and durable performance, the Silverado is not immune to problems with its door locks.


Door lock problems with the Silverado do not always occur immediately; they typically only emerge after the vehicle has gone over 16,000 miles or 5,000 hours of driving. Some drivers experience automatic unlocking of the doors while driving, while others complain about the truck unlocking its doors automatically once it is parked without command.


Door lock problems are not only frustrating; the problem of automatic unlocking presents risks to drivers while they are on the road. Additionally, they make the vehicle susceptible to theft, allowing easy entry to the vehicle when the problem of automatic unlocking begins to occur. As a result, many Silverado owners find themselves becoming overcautious, frequently checking to make sure that the truck's doors are locked.


Silverado owners who encounter door lock problems for the first time are advised to check if their key fob is working properly, as the problem may lie with its controls. Using the car keys to manually lock and unlock the doors is a good solution in this situation, as it can clear latch problems inside which hinder the automatic locks from functioning properly.


As a temporary solution, it is recommended to manually lock and unlock doors in order to prevent theft. It is recommended that the vehicle is taken to a Chevrolet repair center as soon as possible, however, to get the issue permanently rectified. Silverado door lock problems are typically inexpensive and can be quickly repaired. Often times, the issue lies within the remote control and not the vehicle itself, and can be resolved by replacement with a new control unit.


It is recommended to bring the truck to a certified Chevrolet dealership in order to resolve issues. Many third party repair shops will inform you that the disabling of automatic door lock features is illegal and refuse to do the service for you initially, and later inform you that it is your only option and charge you an obscene amount to have it done. A Chevrolet dealer, while having a higher initial charge, will be able to quickly, professionally and legally correct the issue without stress.

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