How to Open a Locked Door on a Chevy Silverado

by Mike Andrew

The Chevrolet Silverado was the second highest-selling full-size pickup truck in America for the first half of 2009. The Silverado is available with numerous optional features and is highly regarded for its dependability and relative fuel economy. All new Silverados come with remote keyless entry and a one-year subscription to OnStar, a navigation and remote diagnostic service owned and operated by Chevrolet's parent company, General Motors. These features provide a driver with several options for unlocking the doors of his Silverado.

Step 1

Use the key. Insert the ignition key into the lock on the driver's side and turn the key counterclockwise until you hear a thump. Return the key to its original position and remove it from the lock.

Step 2

Use the remote control for keyless entry. Unlock the doors with the remote control on your key fob. Press the button with the picture of an open lock once to unlock only the driver's-side door and twice to unlock all the doors.

Step 3

Call OnStar. OnStar can unlock your car remotely regardless of your location. You must have an active subscription to OnStar and your personal identification number (PIN) to unlock your Silverado this way. OnStar is free for one year on all new GM vehicles, but you must pay a monthly fee after the subscription expires if you wish to keep the service active.

Step 4

Call a locksmith. A locksmith can unlock your Silverado if you do not have your key.

Step 5

Break a window. As a last resort, you can break one of your truck's windows and unlock your door from the inside. This will probably set off your Silverado's alarm. If you find your key inside the truck, put it in the ignition immediately after unlocking your door and turn the starter to the "On" position to deactivate the alarm.

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