Caravan Alarm Problems

by Rebekah Worsham
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The Caravan, first introduced in 1984, is a popular family style minivan manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation. The Caravan, while known for its safety and reliability, has experienced problems with the its alarm system. Recognizing these alarm issues and knowing how they are corrected may help Caravan owners to avoid costly service fees.

Panic Alarm

A common complain that is reported by Caravan owners is panic alarms that will not shut off on command. To shut off the panic alarm, Dodge instructs the user to press the panic button again or to turn the ignition switch to the on position. When the panic alarm does not turn off after pressing the panic button a second time, often times the culprit is radio frequency noises caused by the alarm system. In order for the alarm system to receive the signal from the panic button instructing it to shut off, it is necessary to stand closer to the vehicle in order for the signal to be read. If after completing these steps the panic alarm does not turn off, it is possible that you have an electrical short in the alarm system, which should be inspected by a Dodge certified mechanic.

Engaging Vehicle Theft Alarm

The vehicle theft alarm system in Dodge Caravans are designed to protect the vehicle from unauthorized entry and operation. When activated, the lights will flash, the horn will honk and the van will not start. A common concern reported by Caravan owners is the inability to engage the vehicle theft alarm. This is often times caused by failure to follow the proper steps. To arm the system, remove the key from the ignition and press the lock button on the keyless entry transmitter. After the last door is closed, the system will automatically arm itself in about 16 seconds. However, if you open a door during this time period, this cancels the signal to turn on the alarm and the alarm will not engage.

Disengaging Theft Alarm

Another common issue reported in regard to the vehicle theft alarm is the inability to disengage. Oftentimes the culprit is a worn keyless entry transmitter that is failing to send the appropriate signal to turn the alarm system off. If after pressing the unlock button on the keyless entry transmitter, the alarm system does not disengage, insert the key and move the ignition switch to the on or start position, which will disarm the system. In this scenario, you may need to have the keyless entry transmitter repaired or replaced in order to prevent problems in the future.

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