Excalibur Car Alarm Instructions

by Chris Waller
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The Excalibur company makes products to help improve your vehicle including a line of car alarms to help keep your investment safe and secure when you are not around. Excalibur car alarms come with a small transmitter that can be connected to your keychain and used to set the alarm when you leave the car and to disable the alarm when you are ready to get in and drive. This transmitter is easy to use and the instructions for operating it are simple to remember.

Step 1

Remove your keys from the ignition switch and exit the vehicle. Turn off the lights and turn the ignition switch to the "Off" position. Close all of the doors on the vehicle.

Step 2

Press the large transmitter button located in the center of the remote transmitter. Pressing this button once will cause your lights to flash and a small chirp to sound from the security system, indicating the alarm is armed and ready. The locks on your doors will engage as well as a starter interrupt relay, which will prevent the vehicle from starting until the alarm is disengaged.

Step 3

Press the large button on the remote once to turn off the alarm before you open the doors. The alarm will chirp once and the doors will unlock, indicating that the system has been turned off and it is safe to enter the vehicle.

Step 4

Press the small button on the right side of the device to operate a secondary function of the remote. Typically, this will open the trunk to your vehicle, but can also be programmed for other operations by the location that installed your Excalibur system. The third button, located on the left side of the remote, can also be programmed to operate a system within your vehicle, but will typically have no use.

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