The Dodge Relearn Procedures

by Neal Litherland

Most cars have a computer to help keep their systems running properly. If you perform maintenance on your Dodge vehicle, your vehicle's computer must find out what has happened. This is called the relearn procedure.

Automatic Relearn

Perhaps the easiest relearning procedure is automatic relearn. This takes place when the computer has been programmed to recognize that maintenance has been done on the vehicle, such as tire rotation. The computer then readjusts everything on its own without needing to be told what was done. This is a unique relearn procedure, only offered on Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.

Manual Relearn

You can also manually trigger a relearning procedure. If you disconnect the cables leading to your vehicle's battery, the computer's source of power, and leave them disconnected for at least half an hour, you have essentially turned off your vehicle's computer and forced it to reboot. After the computer reboots, it will relearn your vehicle's system parameters by running a new diagnostic check as you drive.

Diagnostic Reset

This is usually a dealer procedure, since diagnostic machines are expensive and not common among individual car owners. Using this tool, a mechanic can run the relearn procedure that's appropriate for your Dodge. Once this is done, your car's computer will readjust to the changes and modifications made.


Whenever your Dodge's computer is having difficulty relearning something, it's important that you get the computer fixed by a professional who has access to the proper diagnostic tools. These tools can communicate with the computer. If there's a problem with your car's computer, you'll probably want to let your dealer or neighborhood mechanic find and solve the problem.

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