Idle Relearn Procedures for a Chevy

by Amy Rodriguez

Modern vehicles, such as those manufactured by Chevy, work in unison with computer modules within the engine compartment. An idle relearn procedure must be performed if a computer, or chip, is replaced in the vehicle.


An idle relearn procedure is a way to reprogram the vehicle's computer memory to idle at a specified RPM, or revolutions per minute. Without the programmed idle, the vehicle can run arbitrarily, resulting in unnecessary engine wear.


Chevy uses a simple idle relearn process. After you replace the computer chip, it will automatically reset itself when you turn the ignition key from the "on" position to the "off" position. Blue Streak Electronics recommends to warm the engine after the idle relearn procedure, without use of the air conditioner. After the engine is warm, switch the air conditioning on and off, and then put the transmission into the "drive" position. These actions complete the full idle relearn procedure.


It is imperative that a technician verifies that the car's battery is fully charged. If power fails during a relearn procedure, the technician must reprogram the computer chip.

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