1999 Suburban Camshaft Sensor Installation

by Cayden Conor
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The camshaft position sensor on the 1999 Chevrolet Suburban is located just above the crankshaft pulley. It sends the position of the camshaft to the computer. If the camshaft sensor is malfunctioning, it causes several symptoms, including a no-start condition or a hard-start condition. It might take the engine a long time to crank over, could cause misfiring, lack of power and fouled spark plugs. It also affects fuel economy and could cause the catalytic converter to fail.

Step 1

Unplug the wiring harness from the camshaft position sensor. The wiring harness connector has three wires that plug into the sensor.

Step 2

Remove the four retaining bolts, using the appropriate socket, then pull the camshaft sensor off the engine.

Step 3

Install the new sensor and tighten the retaining bolts firmly. Do not over-tighten the bolts or you could damage the sensor. Plug in the wiring harness connector.

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