How to Change an Oxygen Sensor on a Chevy Venture

by Dan Ferrell
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The computer on your Chevy Venture uses data from the oxygen sensor and other components to determine the best air/fuel ratio during engine operation at any given moment. This helps lower harmful emissions and improves engine performance. However, exhaust by products cover and eventually interfere with proper operation of the oxygen sensor over time. Whether you need to change one or more sensors on your Chevy Venture model, use this guide to replace them.

Remove the Oxygen Sensor

Step 1

Start the engine and let it idle for three minutes to bring it up to operating temperature. then turn off the engine. You can remove the oxygen sensor much easier with the exhaust system above 120 F (48 C).

Step 2

Lift the front of your Chevy Venture using a floor jack and support it on 2 jack stands.

Step 3

Put on your goggles and locate the sensor or sensors you want to replace. You will find one on the front exhaust pipe, between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter. It is called the upstream oxygen sensor. The downstream sensor is just after the catalytic converter, threaded on the back pipe.

Step 5

Remove the sensor using a box-end wrench or a ratchet and oxygen sensor socket.

Install the Oxygen Sensor

Step 1

Apply a light coat of anti-seize compound to the threads of the new oxygen sensor. Keep the tip of the new sensor free of compound, dirt and other foreign particles that may interfere with the unit operation.

Step 2

Start the sensor by hand on the exhaust pipe. Then tighten the sensor using the box-end wrench or ratchet and sensor socket.

Step 3

Plug the oxygen sensor electrical connector.

Step 4

Lower the vehicle.

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