Common Problems With a Volvo S80

by Jonathan Lister
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Common problems with the Volvo S80 line of cars are evident when examining the recall data the company has issued over the years. These problems are widespread enough that the automaker feels obligated to perform cost-free replacement of any affected systems. If your S80 is already experiencing problems, a recall is an ideal time to have repairs conducted.

Electrical Systems

The Volvo S80 appears has had problems with its electrical systems. According to car search and information website Automotive, Volvo issued a recall of its 2008 S80 models because the electrical system could malfunction, resulting in a no-signal condition to the fuel pump electronic module. Without a signal, the module does not maintain adequate fuel pressure for vehicle operation. This results in the vehicle stalling out a short distance after starting if the vehicle is able to start at all.

Engine Problems

Volvo issued a recall of more than 17,000 of its 2008 and 2009 S80 models due to a problem with its engine cooling system. The engine cooling fan may stop working due to a problem in the programming software. Drivers may notice diminished performance of air conditioning and a significant increase in engine coolant temperature. If the problem is not addressed immediately, it can lead to a loss of the cooling system and significant engine damage.

Pressure Regulating Systems

S80 models for years 2007 to 2010 have been recalled due to continued failure of government-mandated safety standards regarding tires. According to Automotive, tire-pressure regulating and monitoring systems for the S80 have not provide accurate safety information. A software update is needed on these vehicles so that correct information is displayed for drivers and mechanics wishing to optimize tire pressure.

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