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How to Sign a Car Title Transfer

by Jamie Lisse

If you have a car that you are selling to someone else, you need to transfer the car title to the buyer. You also have to transfer the car title if you are giving the car away as a gift or a donation to a charity. When transferring a car title, both the seller and the buyer are required to sign the title. The car title serves as legal proof of ownership and is used by the new owner to get registration in his name.


Flip your car title over to the back to look for the signature lines. Signatures typically do not go on the front of the title. If you have an older title, you may only have signature lines on the front.


Fill out the other required areas of the title before signing. The date, odometer reading, selling price, and names and addresses of the buyer and seller must be filled in before the title is signed for the transfer.


Sign the line for seller if you are the person transferring the car title. If you are receiving the car, make sure all the other information is correct, than sign on the line for the buyer.


  • If more than one person is named on the title--as sellers or buyers--and the word “or” is not between the names, both must sign the title.
  • The buyer will have to pay a title transfer fee, which varies by state and county.


  • If you make a mistake, just cross a single line through it or you risk voiding the title.

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