How to Set Up Jack Stands on a Ford Taurus

by Jody L. Campbell
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Knowing how to safely lift any vehicle and support it onto jack stands is important, no matter what make or model the vehicle is. The Ford Taurus is no exception. If lifting one axle on the Taurus (front or rear), a single set of jack stands will be required. If lifting both axles, you will need two sets of stands. In addition, while the factory-supplied scissor jacks for emergency roadside repair will safely lift the Taurus, a better and safer option would be using a hydraulic floor jack.

Step 1

Place the two wheel chocks against the front and rear of a tire (doesn't matter which one) on the opposite axle from which the Taurus is being lifted first (if raising both axles).

Step 2

Place the block of wood on the cradle of the floor jack and align it beneath the rocker panel seam of the Ford Taurus (front or rear). The wood block will help prevent bending or damaging the rocker panel seam Turn the handle of the jack clockwise as far as it will go to activate the hydraulic lift.

Step 3

Pump the handle to raise the cradle and block of wood, making sure the alignment of the wood and cradle is centered to the rocker panel seam before contacting it.

Step 4

Continue to pump the jack handle until the corner of the Taurus is elevated high enough to allow the jack stand to be placed under it. For front axle, place the jack stand(s) under the front frame rail (about 10 inches in from the rocker panel seam) of the Taurus. There's one frame rail each for driver's and passenger's sides, but the rail only runs about half the length of the Ford Taurus, so using the rail for rear axle support is not an option. For the rear axle support, place the jack stand(s) near the jack under the rocker panel seam.

Step 5

Turn the handle of the jack counterclockwise slowly to release the hydraulic tension on the jack and allow the Taurus to slowly lower and contact the arm of the jack stand. Be sure the alignment of the arm of the stand is located directly beneath the front frame rail or rear rocker panel seam respectively.

Step 6

Repeat the procedure for the opposite side of the same axle using the jack and the block of wood. If lifting all four corners, lift the opposite axle and support it onto jack stands (one side at a time) after one axle is secured onto jack stands.

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