How Do I Know If I Have a Limited Slip Differential on a Ford Ranger?

by Allen Moore

Limited slip differentials are not common in Ford Rangers; however, some do have them. The limited slip differential will transfer power from one wheel to the other if one of the wheels begins to slip, thus providing the Ranger with better traction on slippery surfaces. Before servicing the rear differential on your Ford Ranger, you need to know if it’s a limited slip or not, as limited slips require a different gear lube and a special additive to ensure the differential functions properly and to prevent excessive wear caused by friction.

Step 1

Place the wheel chocks in front of and behind the left front tire. Shift the Ranger into neutral and make sure the parking brake is disengaged.

Step 2

Lift the rear end of the Ranger off the ground with the floor jack. Place the jack stands under the rear axle, then lower the Ranger down onto the jack stands with the floor jack.

Step 3

Grab the left rear wheel and turn it forward. Watch the right rear wheel while turning the left one. If the right rear wheel turns in the same direction, you have a limited slip rear end.

Step 4

Lower the Ranger off the jack stands with the floor jack, place the transmission in park, and remove the wheel chocks.

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