How to Set the Clock in a 2005 Saturn Ion

by Amber Hemmer

Most 2005 Saturn Ions are equipped with a Radio Data System, or RDS. There are, however, some base models that came with a basic AM/FM stereo. The RDS audio system works in conjunction with FM stations in your area to receive special announcements, such as weather warnings, traffic warnings, and special promotions. The radio lists the information in the display. In order to program your audio system and set the clock in your Ion, you will need to determine whether your vehicle is equipped with an RDS-enabled system.

Setting the Clock Without an RDS Audio System

Step 1

Look at the buttons on your radio to determine that your audio system is a base model. You will only see the most basic buttons, such as “Power,” “Volume,” “Tune," "Seek” and the channel preset numbers. The base model AM/FM stereo also contains a simple cassette player or a CD player. Both base model players are set the same way.

Step 2

Push the “RCL” (Recall) button and hold it in. This button allows you to switch the radio’s display to show the time or radio station.

Step 3

Push the “Tune & Seek” arrow button while still holding down the “RCL” button. This will make the time move up or down, depending on which arrow you are pressing. Release the buttons when the correct time is displayed.

Manually Setting the Clock With an RDS Audio System

Step 1

Look at the layout of your radio to determine whether your audio system has RDS capabilities. You will see several buttons, mostly basic, but you will also notice a button to the right of the display screen that has “RDS” written on it. This is the alert button for the RDS audio system.

Step 2

Push the “RCL” (Recall) button and hold it in. Press the “AUTO EQ” left arrow at the same time. Listen for your radio to beep. This beep means that you can now set your clock.

Step 3

Stop pressing the “RCL” button. Push and hold the “AUTO EQ” left arrow button to set the hour. Release the button when the correct hour appears.

Step 4

Push and hold the “AUTO EQ” right arrow button to set the minutes. Release the button when the correct time is displayed.

Step 5

Press the “RCL” button to save the new time.

Synchronizing the Clock with an RDS Audio System

Step 1

Press the “Scan” buttons until you come to the FM radio station displaying the time you would like to synchronize with. You may notice that some stations will simply display the current time, instead of an RDS message or other information.

Step 2

Push the “RCL” and the “RDS” buttons at the same time. Hold them down for approximately two seconds.

Step 3

Look for the words “SET RDS TIME” to flash on the radio’s display. Let go of the buttons. Your clock will now be synchronized with the radio station.

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