How to Sell a Car in Missouri

by William Adkins

It's not difficult to sell your car in Missouri, but as in any state the Department of Revenue has specific rules you must follow. This article explains what you are required to do, and also the basics of marketing your car. After all, you want to keep the hassle and work to a minimum when you sell a car in Missouri.

Gather all the necessary documents together that you will need to sell a car in Missouri. You must have a title or a manufacturer’s certificate of origin to sell a car. If you don’t have the title, contact the Department of Revenue to get a duplicate title (there is a link to their website at the end of this article). You must also give the buyer current state emission and safety inspection certificates. If there is a lien on the vehicle, you will need a lien release before you can sell it. Finally, you have to have a bill of sale. You can use the link below to create a bill of sale using online software.

Know what the buyer is responsible for. The person who buys your car is responsible for taking the documents to a motor vehicle office and transferring the title and registration and paying the sales tax.

Prepare your car for sale. To set a realistic price, find the cars fair market value in the Kelly Blue Book (see link below). A clean and smoothly running care will be easier to market so have the car tuned up and detailed. Remove any personal items from the car. It’s a good idea to remove any bumper stickers or personal decals as well.

Market your car with multiple advertising methods. You can place ads online, in automobile buying guides and in newspapers. One good technique is to put up a webpage with photographs of the vehicle and include the web address in your ads. Putting up flyers on community bulletin boards is also a good way to attract potential buyers.

Complete the transaction according to the regulations set forth by the Missouri Department of Revenue. Fill out the appropriate sections on the title (especially the odometer reading), sign it, and give it and the other documents (see step 1) to the buyer. Remove the car tags before delivering the car to the buyer. Finally, take the bill of sale to a Motor Vehicle office within 30 days to register the sale.


  • close Make photocopies of everything for your records.

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