How to Make Seat Covers for a Truck

by Editorial Team

Making your own seat covers can give a truck a personalized look and can extend the life of your truck seats by several years. Making seat covers for a truck involves selecting a heavy-duty material, such as vinyl or leather, that will withstand regular wear and tear. You will also need to have some basic sewing machine skills, as the seat covers will need to be sewed to fit the shape of your truck seats.

Step 1

Measure the length, width, and depth of the truck seats. Make a seat cover pattern by drawing the dimensions of your seat on a large piece of paper. Add 2 inches to the pattern to allow for sewing of the seams and hems of the seat covers.

Step 2

Choose a material to make your truck seat covers out of. Vinyl and leather will last the longest, while cloth will be the easiest to sew. You can be creative and choose fabrics in your favorite color or design. Take your pattern and cut out the pieces you will be sewing. Be sure to be as precise and accurate as possible when cutting.

Step 3

Flip the car seat material inside out. Connect the fabric pieces using safety pins or straight pins. Make sure that the fabric is pinned together correctly and will stay in place when sewed.

Step 4

Slowly and carefully use a sewing machine to sew the pieces of fabric together. Make sure that you have a good grip on the material as it is running through the machine. Sew the bottom half of the seat to the top half.

Step 5

Create seatbelts by slitting holes into the fabric in the spots that correspond with the truck's seatbelts. Hem the seat belt openings. For a more professional look, you can hem the entire seat cover.

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