How to Remove the Back Seat of a Ford F-150

by Carson Barrett
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The Ford F-150 has spent the past several decades as one of the top-selling trucks in the United States. It has also won many awards over the course of its production run. If the F-150 has any drawbacks, it's the difficulty in removing the rear seat. With the proper knowledge, you will see that this is not a problem.

Step 1

Remove the plastic cover off the seat belt at the top of the seat by prying it off. You will see the two 10mm bolts that hold the safety belt cover down.

Step 2

Remove the two bolts that attach the safety belt cover to the seat and lift the safety belt cover off of the seat.

Step 3

Remove the T50 bolt that holds the seat belt into position.

Step 4

Move to the passenger side of the seat. Squeeze your arm between the side of the truck and the seat and grab the plastic piece that hooks the seat cushion into place.

Step 5

Pull the plastic tab toward the back of the truck while pushing down on the top of the seat at the same time.

Step 6

Move to the other side of the seat and pull the tab on that side.

Step 7

Pull the seat straight up to detach it from the plastic hooks that hold it to the back wall of the truck.

Step 8

Remove the seat from the truck, avoiding the bare metal at the bottom of the truck that can damage the seat.

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