How to Remove the Seat on a Harley Heritage Softail Classic

by Chris Gilliland

You have to give Harley Davidson this much: they know comfort and style like no other bike manufacturer out there. Back in 1984, Harley had a brilliant idea: Combine the comfort and ride quality of a bike using a rear suspension, with the hardcore attitude and stripped-down aesthetic of its traditional rigid-frame bikes. The result was a "soft-tail," a full-suspension bike with its rear suspension hidden away under the frame. Removing the seat on a bike like this is one of the first things any owner needs to know, given that Harley hid all the electronics and fuses safely under its waterproof hide.

Seat Removal

Step 1

Remove the passenger seat strap by removing the Torx head screw from the strap's bracket on either side of the seat. Cover the fender with a blanket or towel to prevent scratches and damage. Lift the loose end of the strap over the seat and lay it down gently over the fender.

Step 2

Remove the Torx head bolt from the rear of the passenger seat. Lift the entire seat upwards slightly and pull to the rear of the motorcycle. This will disengage the seat from the catch tab below the fuel tank.

Pull the seat free from the motorcycle, and be careful not to lose the nylon washer sandwiched between the seat tab and fender.

Seat Installation

Step 1

Hold the seat at a slight angle with the front tipped downward. Slide the seat forward and slip the metal tab under the saddle into the catch tab on the frame.

Step 2

Reinstall the nylon washer, lower the rear of the seat onto the frame and tighten the Torx head bolt to secure the seat to the fender.

Lift the loose end of the seat strap over and across the seat. Secure it in place by tightening the Torx head bolt into the strap bracket on the side of the fender.

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