Seadoo Sportster Specifications

by Bryan Schatz

As a 15-foot long boat, the Seadoo Sportster comes equipped with all of the necessary requirements for towing water toys, and even has the storage capacity to bring them along. With a wakeboard tower, a retractable ski pylon, a swim deck and a boarding ladder, the Sportster can accommodate all of your water sport needs. According to Boat Test, the Sportster "is just fun to drive."

Engine Specs and Options

The Seadoo Sportster comes standard with a four-stroke Rotax 4-TECTM engine with 155 horsepower. You can opt for a higher performance engine as seen with the four-stroke Supercharged Rotax 4-TECTM engine, which pumps out 215 horsepower. The supercharged model hits a top speed of 52.6 miles per hour, while the standard engine tops out at 47 miles per hour. The supercharged model was built with increased acceleration in mind and hits 30 miles per hour in just 2.2 seconds, according to Boat Test.

Performance and Handling

The Sportster has a deep V-hull, which, according to Boat Test, "[digs] into tight turns with complete control." With a low-sitting cockpit and freely maneuverable design, the testers at Boating Mag "felt as if [they] were right on the water." The reviews from both Boat Test and Boating Mag suggest that the Sportster handles well in both tight turns and going in straight lines, making for a comfortable and confident ride.

Design, Features and Specs

At 15 feet and 4 inches long with a beam of 7.1 feet and a draft of 12 inches, the Sportster weighs in at 1,454 lbs. dry. Both models comfortably seat four passengers, the base model has a 23 gallon fuel capacity while the supercharged model holds 21 gallons. According to Boat Test, with its bright yellow seats and unusual appearance, the Sportster "looks like a theme park ride or something off a movie set." Some of the key features you will find include a built-in cooler, "eye-catching graphics," a ski pylon and a digitally-encoded security system.

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