1997 Honda Foreman 400 Specs

by Chester Rockwell
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The 1997 Honda Foreman 400 is a four-wheel drive ATV that, at its introduction, was the largest ATV by produced by Honda. Honda designed the Foreman 400 as a utilitarian ATV for hunters, for hauling equipment, camping and light towing and plowing -- with an aftermarket attachment. While not a light sport quad, its full-time four-wheel drive makes it capable off-road. The Foreman 400 received exterior updates during its production years, but offered the same specifications at its core through its 1995 to 2003 production run.

Engine and Transmission

The Honda Foreman 400 has a 395 cc single overhead cam engine. It has a respective bore and stroke of 86 mm and 68 mm. The single-cylinder engine has two valves and a 23 mm piston-valve carburetor. The Foreman is controlled by a five-speed manual transmission and a reverse gear. The air-intake is hooked up to a plastic water snorkel to avoid water ingestion when using the ATV in shallow water. The engine carries a standalone weight of 111 pounds.

Suspension and Braking

At the front of the Foreman's suspension is an independent double wishbone suspension with shocks providing 4.3 inches of travel. The rear suspension uses dual steel swing-arms to mount rear shocks that also give 4.3 inches of travel. The Foreman's suspension design lends to its overall turning radius of 11.5 feet. Both front and rear brakes use a drum design, with dual sealed hydraulic drum brakes at the front and a single rear mechanical drum brake.

Key Features

The Foreman's dashboard has a multifunction speedometer that can also provide information such as mileage. It is equipped with front and rear cargo racks capable of handling respective payloads of 66 and 132 pounds. Its total towing capacity is 850 pounds and it features a tow hitch as standard equipment.

Size and Weight

Without any fuel, the Foreman 400 has a dry weight of 553 pounds. It has a total length of 76.5 inches and a wheelbase of 48.8 inches. The Foreman's overall width measures at 45.5 inches, overall height at 43.1 inches and total seat height of 30.9 inches providing 7.3 inches of ground clearance.

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