How to Make a 50cc Dirt Bike Go Faster

by Samuel Wexler
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Riding a 50cc (cubic centimeter) dirt bike can be exhilarating, convenient and efficient. These bikes are the most powerful you can ride without a special license, and they are gas efficient, relatively inexpensive and in some cases street legal. It is not uncommon, however, for riders to crave a bit more speed than the small engine initially offers. A dirt bike from the manufacturer has a maximum speed between 25 and 45 mph, depending on the make and model, but with certain modifications can achieve a maximum speed of 65 mph.

Step 1

Remove the exhaust pipe and muffler, and clean both. Use a wire brush or cleaning rag for the exhaust pipe, and shake the muffler to loosen up and remove carbon byproduct. Buildup of residual carbon in these parts inhibits air flow, which is critical to ideal motor function.

Step 2

Remove the revolution limiter with the socket wrench or impact wrench. The exact location depends on the make and model, so consult the manual of your specific bike for more information. This limiter stops the engine from going beyond a certain speed, in order to extend engine life, or sometimes to stop 50cc bikes from exceeding 30 mph.

Step 3

Replace your oil with 100 percent full synthetic motorcycle oil. This type of oil is more effective for lubricating and cooling than traditional oils. Cooling your bike as effectively as possible is very important, both for performance and safety, when pushing a 50cc engine beyond its typical speeds.

Step 4

Experiment with a higher octane gasoline. The ideal octane gasoline for any dirt bike is going to vary depending on the make and model, but higher octane can often improve dirt bike performance. The best way to determine what gasoline is best is to try various compatible types and see what you prefer.

Step 5

Upgrade the stock spark plugs to V-Notch spark plugs. These spark plugs spark faster and can greatly improve the performance on your bike.

Step 6

Drill some small holes in the air intake box. Doing so can increase airflow through the system, which can improve performance when the above procedures are also followed.

Step 7

Clean any other lines and hoses that have accumulated residue, and then inspect your dirt bike to be sure everything is properly reassembled. Put on protective gear, test the bike to be sure everything is working securely, then enjoy the ride!

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